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May 1 - June 4, 2004

Email: marshabalian@earthlink.net

Artist's statement:

I am fascinated by the history that each of us carries, the stories that give our lives meaning or help define our identities. I am also increasingly aware of how the issue of family plays into our lives, not just as it has impacted our pasts, but how each of us weaves the desire for family (traditional or not) or connection with the world into the fabric of our lives. This leads me to a continued focus on the lives of women and children, both as a clinician and as the subject of my art.

Invariably the stories of others, and the commonality of human experience revealed in those stories, finds itís outlet in my painting. Like many artists, I never know where a painting will lead me, and the process is often exhilarating as the painting seems to paint itself.

My reference point can be an old snapshot which in some idiosyncratic way evokes memories that are elusive, but demand closer inspection. On other occasions, the imagery surfaces from some issue that Iíve dealt with in my work as a Nurse Practitioner.

I paint with acrylics, am self-taught and addicted to highly saturated color. I love painting on wood and the physical sensation of moving my brush over so smooth a surface.

As mentioned, I also work as a Nurse Practitioner in Ob-Gyn where I can absorb myself in peopleís stories and enrich my life in the two-way process of caring for others and learning from them. I feel extraordinarily lucky in that my seemingly disparate careers dovetail and feed each other.

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